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Billy Kennedy, Former Texas A&M University Head Coach

Drew Maddux is doing a great job building CPA into one of the top programs in the state of Tennessee.  Drew plays an integral part in his player’s lives, helping develop them not only as players, but more

importantly as people.  He is instilling in them the steps to becoming a man, challenging their mind, body and spirit.  I am looking forward to recruiting his student-athletes in the future

Coach Drew Maddux is an amazing individual and unbelievable coach. His strategy and "play sets" is what separates him from a lot of coaches, both high school and at the collegiate level. I would hate to lose him at CPA. He is such a tremendous asset to the boys/students that he mentors in this game called basketball. Fortunately for the boys--they are also learning about the game of life. I can't imagine someone being better than Coach Maddux on teaching them the art and skill of discipline and teamwork. If you ever watch CPA play you will immediately know what I am talking about.

Lloyd Gardner, Director of King of the Bluegrass Holiday Tournament

I would suggest that if you ever have the opportunity to see the Christ Presbyterian Lions compete in a high level basketball game, you should take full advantage of that opportunity…and take a note pad, you might want to take some notes

Bill King, 247 Sports Radio's

Drew Maddux is a fantastic basketball of the best coaches around...Drew coaches and leads a program at CPA that will be one of the best in decades in the Nashville area...terrific on the air and in his breakdown of individual talent and the college basketball landscape...he is off the chart good...he is totally absorbed and eaten up with basketball...he is passionate and consumed with the game.

John Shulman, Univ. of Alabama Huntsville Head Coach

With Drew Maddux at the helm, CPA is becoming a major force in the Tennessee high school basketball scene. Coach Maddux instills that perfect combination of work ethic and moral values needed to achieve

success. When you consider the many challenges that young people have to face in today's society, you realize that we need more Drew Maddux's in this world. It has been a pleasure to watch this CPA program grow over the past few years. I will continue to follow the accomplishments of his team and student-athletes with much interest and great enthusiasm

Kevin Stallings, Former Pittsburg University and Vanderbilt University Head Coach

Drew Maddux is laying the foundation for a truly special place in high school athletics at CPA.  With a Biblical foundation and a love for coaching, Drew has shown the dedication and commitment to help his kids reach their potential on the court, and more importantly, in life.  I am looking forward to having the opportunity to recruit players that are fortunate enough to play for Coach Maddux.

Anthony Gran, Former University of Alabama Head Coach

Drew Maddux is affecting the lives of student-athletes in the Nashville area in a very positive way both on the court and off as the Head Coach of CPA. Drew is a tremendous communicator to young people today. His passion for making players better and building a program based on teamwork and playing for something that is greater than themselves is what I have been most impressed with. I hope to get the opportunity to recruit and coach a Drew Maddux coached players for years to come. 

Jerry Meyer, National Basketball Analyst

Drew Maddux is doing great things with the CPA basketball program. What an opportunity to play for a coach with the basketball experience Coach Maddux has, which includes being an impact player in the SEC!

Andrew Whitehead, Tennessee Prep Hoops Founder 

Without question one of the brightest minds and refreshing people to come down the basketball pike in some time. I truly believe that Drew Maddux will bring a high-level basketball tradition to the CPA campus with his extensive knowledge of the game and his honest work ethic. As someone associated with the basketball landscape. I truly value my contact with Drew and know without hesitation that he will lead his program with integrity and forthright effort for many years to come. 

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