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MY Trick Shot Story

Trick shots were created in the summer of 2016 when we moved to our new house with a pool in the backyard. My 2 sons (Patrick and Nicholas) love to watch you tube and had been watching dude perfect and other people do amazing and insane trick basketball shots. We had a pool basketball goal and my boys said, “dad, you think you can jump off the diving board and make a basket?” I said yes I could do that. I jumped off the diving board and made it with ease. When I came up out of the water, the boys were celebrating and said Dad you made it! Then Nicholas said, “Dad you think I could video you with your phone and you make it and then we could post the video on Instagram and let our family and friends see it?”


I said, "Ok, let’s do it!"


So, I got out of the water, grabbed a ball, and got back on the diving board. Nicholas grabbed my phone and I jumped off and made it again while he filmed me. When I came out of the water, my family and the boys were celebrating and having a mini-party!


We posted that first video that night and called it the Shot of the Day!


The video picked up comments and likes and more attention than we thought. The next day, we were outside again and the boys said, “Dad, you think u can make a shot from that second story window out of our house and us video you?” 


I said, “I don't know but let’s try!”


I made that shot on video and posted it again saying it was the "shot of the day." More people liked the post and I knew we were on to something that could make people smile and bring joy to their day. 


The pool shots turned into shots we did at our basketball camps in front of the kids and then began to build momentum to where we made a shot that hit Good morning America from the roof of the Omni hotel. 


4 years later, over a 100 shots, millions of views across social media, 3 ESPN top 10, several viral videos, thousands and thousands of messages and comments and retweets, we continue to bring joy to people and have so much fun in the creative process wondering what the next shot of the day will be!

Tell Coach Drew What Shot You Want to See Next!

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